Anna M. Czarnecka


Dr hab. n. med. Anna Małgorzata Czarnecka is a physician and molecular biologist - she currently works as a specialist in clinical oncology at the Department of Soft Tissue, Bone and Melanoma, NIO-NRI. She is a graduate of the First Faculty of Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw and the College of Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in Mathematics and Natural Sciences at the University of Warsaw. In addition, she is also a graduate of postgraduate studies in innovation management in the health sector (Kozminski University) and in acquiring and managing public funds allocated to innovation (Warsaw School of Economics), as well as a professional development program in the field of science management and commercialization at Stanford University in the USA as a laureate of the program TOP 500 Innovators MNISzW.

Dr. Czarnecka gained her practice as an oncologist while training at the Department of Male Oncology of the Oncology Clinic of the Military Medical Institute in Warsaw, and as a molecular biologist leading the research teams of the Molecular Oncology Laboratory. She gained scientific experience from the period of studies at the Institute of Genetics and Biotechnology of the University of Warsaw, and from 2018 at the Department of Experimental Pharmacology of the Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine. Mirosław Mossakowski of the Polish Academy of Sciences. She completed internships at the Department of Urology Emory School of Medicine (Atlanta, USA), Dipartimento di Medicina Sperimentale Universite degli Studi di Palermo (Palermo, Italy) Universitätsklinik für Kinder- und Jugendheilkunde, Paracelsus Medizinische Privatuniversität (Research, Austria) and Gene Function Center of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Ibaraki, Japan). She obtained the title of doctor of medical sciences in the field of medicine in 2010 at the Oncology Center - Institute of Maria Skłodowskiej - Curie in Warsaw on the basis of the doctoral dissertation conducted as part of the Molecular Medicine Study entitled: "Mitochondrial disorders in the cancer process", and in 2018 she obtained the title of habilitated doctor in the field of oncology at the Medical Faculty of the Medical University of Gdańsk on the basis of a series of publications entitled: "Clinical and molecular markers of the efficacy of treatment of renal cell carcinoma with tyrosine kinase inhibitors". Winner of many awards, including scholarships from the Goldman Sachs Foundation, Kościuszkowska and Fulbright, as well as the Mentoring and START Programs of the Foundation for Polish Science, the L'Oreal Scholarship for Women and Science, and finally "Kryształka Zwierciadła" for scientific achievements and approach to the patient.

Currently, Dr. Czarnecka's research focuses on drug resistance and the search for new clinical and molecular predictive and prognostic markers for melanoma and sarcomas.

In 2020, dr hab. n. med. Anna Czarnecka was appointed by the Minister of Health to the position of Deputy Director for Science at the National Institute of Oncology. Maria Skłodowska-Curie National Research Institute.