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Critical Support for Ukrainian Researchers in Poland

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The Polish Young Academy of Polish Academy of Sciences is working to offer critical support to Ukrainian scholars who have fled the war in Ukraine. AMU PAN focuses in particular on providing research fellowships and resources to cover accommodation for researchers and their families.

With almost 200 applications by researchers who are fleeing or have fled the war in Ukraine the Polish Young Academy’s initiative is in need of critical financial support. Poland stands at the front line to receive Ukrainians fleeing the war perpetrated by Russia against Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. Many researchers will arrive in Poland in the coming weeks and months and many of them will wish to remain in Poland due to linguistic affinity, as well as proximity to Ukraine. Therefore, in order to keep providing our colleagues with institutional help and dignified accommodation in Poland, we are asking your institution to consider offering financial support, either in the form of a one-off donation or an on-going financial pledge. Your institution will be acknowledged, both on our website and on any promotional material for this scheme.

We are counting on your support. We believe that international solidarity can make a difference!