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Tasks and legal acts

Polish Young Academy was established by the Act of 30 April 2010 on the Polish Academy of Sciences in order to promote research and development work carried out by outstanding young representatives of Polish science. Members of Polish Young Academy elected by the General Assembly of the Polish Academy of Sciences in the number not exceeding 10 % of the statutory number of national Academy members, at the time of their election may not exceed 38 years of age and must have at least a doctoral degree. The term of office of a member of Polish Young Academy is 5 years, without the possibility of re-election.

The tasks set for Polish Young Academy focus on activities aimed at activating the community of young scientists and mainly include:

  • presenting opinions and programs concerning science,
  • organizing debates, discussions, scientific conferences aimed at considering important problems of the represented discipline or related scientific disciplines and disseminating their results,
  • preparing opinions and scientific assessments regarding the represented discipline or related scientific disciplines,
  • disseminating ethics standards among young scientists.


Legal acts regulating the activities of AMU