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Agnieszka Wacławik

Dr hab. Agnieszka Wacławik - associate professor at the Department of Hormone Action Mechanisms of the Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn. He is a biotechnologist by education. She obtained the PhD degree in biological sciences on the basis of the dissertation defended with honors entitled "Cloning and characterization of the expression of prostaglandin synthesis enzymes in embryo, endometrium and porcine corpus luteum" under the supervision of Prof. Adam Zięcik.
Dr. Agnieszka Wacławik's scientific interests are related to the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of interactions between the embryo and the uterine mucosa, which determine the correct course of the implantation process and the development of early pregnancy in farm animals and humans. Her research focuses mainly on the role of prostaglandins in the diagnosis and maintenance of early pregnancy and the determination of markers of the so-called uterine receptivity, i.e. a state that allows the proper implantation of the embryo. In his research, he uses advanced molecular biology techniques, incl. DNA microarrays, gene silencing, in vivo animal models, in vitro cell and tissue cultures. She is the author and co-author of a number of scientific articles in leading world journals in the field of endocrinology and reproductive biology, such as Endocrinology and Reproduction. So far, she was / is the manager of research projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (international, own and Iuventus Plus) and the National Science Center (Sonata Bis).
Dr. Agnieszka Wacławik completed internships at foreign research centers, incl. at the Medical Research Council in Edinburgh; Ludwig Maximilians University and Gene Center in Munich; University of Turku and University of Sheffield. She was invited to give lectures at international conferences: Society for Reproduction and Fertility (UK, 2011), Society for the Study of Reproduction (USA, 2011) and International Conference on Pig Reproduction (Canada, 2009).
She is a laureate of numerous awards and scholarships, incl. the prestigious New Investigator Award granted by the Society for Reproduction and Fertility, Burgen Scholar of the Academy of Europe, scholarship for outstanding young scientists of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, START of the Polish Science Foundation, Pro Scientia et Vita of the PAN Members' Foundation, Laurel "The Best of the Best". Currently, Dr. Wacławik is a member of the Board of the Society for Reproduction and Fertility, Management Committee "EPICONCEPT Epigenetics and Periconception Environment" COST Action FA1201 and the Committee of Reproductive Biology of the Polish Academy of Sciences.