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Anna Brożek

Anna Brozek


Dr hab. Anna Brożek - philosopher, pianist, music theorist. She graduated from philosophy and piano studies in Krakow, and then obtained her doctorate (2006), habilitation (2008) and professorship (2015) in philosophy, and habilitation (2015) in musical art (specialization: music theory). He works at the Institute of Philosophy of the University of Warsaw, managing the Humanities Methodology Unit. He specializes in logical semiotics, methodology, ontology, history of Polish philosophy as well as theory and philosophy of music. She is the author of, among others books Symmetry in music (2004), Principia musica (2006), Facts and Artifacts (2010), Kazimierz Twardowski. Die Wiener Jahre (2010), Theory of Questions (2011), The theory of imperatives and its applications (2012), The image of the Polish soul in Roman Maciejewski's mazurkas (2014) and Beauty and truth. Essay on the relationship between art and science (2017); she edited or co-edited many collective volumes published in Poland and abroad. As a pianist, she recorded, among others a double album nominated for "Fryderyk" Roman Maciejewski: Complete Piano Mazurkas (2011). She is a laureate of, among others prizes of the Prime Minister for a doctoral dissertation (2007) and NCN awards in the field of humanities (2017); multiple scholarship holder of the Foundation for Polish Science and project manager of the National Science Center and NPRH.