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Mateusz Kwaśnicki

mateusz kwasnicki04

Dr hab. Mateusz Kwaśnicki - a mathematician at the Faculty of Mathematics of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. Winner of the EMS Gordin Prize, Kazimierz Kuratowski award, Polish Mathematical Society's Prize for Young Mathematicians, as well as Foundation for Polish Science and Ministry of Science and Higher Education scholarships. He wrote his M.Sc. and PhD theses under supervision of prof. Tadeusz Kulczycki. Member of the research group founded by prof. Tomasz Byczkowski. Although he is a theoretical mathematician, he published in the Journal of Engineering Mathematics. In his research, he studies relations between stochastic processes, differential equations and pseudo-differential operators. He proved equality of operator norms of the discrete and continuous Hilbert transform on L^p,p thus solving a 90-year-old problem posed by M. Riesz and E.C. Titchmarsh. He gave a complete characterization of the class of bell-shaped functions, a concept introduced about 70 years ago. Author of a series of works on the fractional Laplace operator.

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