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Michał Wierzchoń

Dr Michał Wierzchoń, cognitive psychologist, assistant professor at the Institute of Psychology of the Jagiellonian University, leader of the research team: Consciousness Lab,

His research interests include the subject of consciousness and the unconscious in cognitive terms; conducts research on subjective measures of consciousness, involuntary learning, implicit memory, subliminal perception, binocular competition and sensory substitution. He is also interested in the psychology of advertising.

Author of the monograph "Cognitive costs of involuntary learning" (2009) and over thirty other publications on advertising awareness and psychology. His research has also been featured in popular science magazines (Charaktery, Psychology Today), marketing magazines (Brief, Marketing in Practice, ProKreacja), as well as on marketing websites (Marketing przy Kawie, MediaRun).

He led or participated in the implementation of several research projects financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the National Science Center. He was a beneficiary of the Support for the International Mobility of Scientists (2010-2011) program. It also implements a project financed by the EU structural funds (POIG) and two research projects financed by the National Science Center.

Awarded, among others: Scholarship for Young Scientists of the Foundation for Polish Science (2005) and the Weekly Polityka Scholarship as part of the "Stay with us" campaign (2005). He is a member of the European Society for Cognitive Psychology (he is its secretary) and several other international scientific societies. Member of the Academy of Young Scholars and the Committee of Psychology of the Polish Academy of Sciences.