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Wojciech Fendler

Dr hab. Wojciech Fendler (born 1982) is a trained doctor who has linked his career with the Medical University of Łódź. After graduating, he began research work in the team of prof. Wojciech Młynarski with whom he studied the causes of rare types of diabetes, their epidemiology and tools to facilitate their diagnosis. After obtaining his habilitation in 2013, he began research on the biomarker application of microRNA in oncology and radiotherapy, which he carried out together with researchers from Harvard Medical School.

In these studies, together with prof. Dipnajan Chowdhury showed that microRNAs can be an effective and extremely fast indicator informing about recent exposure to high doses of ionizing radiation, which may condition the patient's further treatment. Subsequent studies by Dr. Fendler and his team develop this hypothesis by pointing to the predictive abilities of microRNAs circulating in the blood to predict complications of radiotherapy used in cancer treatment and to find a test to monitor the health effects of chronic low-dose occupational exposure.
He is the author of numerous original papers published in leading journals in diabetology (Diabetes Care, Diabetologia), radiotherapy and oncology (International Journal of Radiation Oncology, Biology, Physics, Cancer Research, Clinical Cancer Research), experimental medicine (Science Translational Medicine) and life (Cell Reports, Nature Communications, eLife).

For his scientific activity, he has won several national awards for young scientists: the National Science Center Award in 2020, the FNP START Scholarship (twice), the Polpharma Scholarship, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education Scholarship, the Award of the Minister of Health for his habilitation dissertation and many others. His achievements were also recognized internationally - in 2015 he received the ISPAD-Medtronic Young Investigator Award, awarded annually by this international scientific society to the best young scientists in pediatric diabetes. During his career so far, he has managed 12 research projects financed by the National Science Center, FNP or EU funds.

Currently, together with the team of the Department of Biostatistics and Translational Medicine, established in 2016, she deals with the issues of exposure to ionizing radiation and early detection of neoplastic diseases. His charges - PhD students and students, from the very beginning of their scientific career, are included in complex, interdisciplinary projects, which results in publications in leading scientific periodicals, numerous awards and scholarships. As part of his work at the Medical University of Łódź, Dr. Fendler educates future doctors and biotechnologists in biostatistics and evidence-based medicine. He also co-ordinates postgraduate studies in biostatistics carried out together with StatSoft. So far, he has promoted 2 doctors (Beata Małachowska and Bartłomiej Tomasik), coordinated postgraduate studies in biostatistics (5 editions) and in 2015-2020 he coordinated the work of the university team for the Individual Course of Studies.

He is the Vice-President of the Scientific Council of the Molecular Medicine Study, a member of the Main Board of the Polish Diabetes Society, and since 2016 he has been a member of the Academy of Young Scientists of the Polish Academy of Sciences.